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How to Make Ornamental Chilli Pepper Pickles ?

Vanilla Cacao Marble Cake Recipe with Orange Zest

                                                                               Marble Cake   Mom's Classic Marble Pound Cake If you have not made a cake before and want to start making dessert recipes with the easiest cake recipe, our easy marble cake recipe is for you! When it comes to cake recipes, kek marble comes to mind first for almost everyone. Remember your childhood, your mother must have made a marble cake for you or your guests at tea time. It has been cooked at least a few times in most of our homes because it is both very practical and soft and smells like milk. I wanted to include and share with you an easy and fast-applicable vanilla marble cake recipe on my blog, where there are different recipes. In this recipe that I have presented to you, you can prepare a chocolate sauce and pour it on the cake, but I did not use chocolate sauce in the recipe. Best Marble Cake Recipe Baking cake may seem difficult for someone who has never baked cakes before, but if you have a c

Turkish Spicy Yellow Lentil Potato Soup with Carrots Recipe

                                                                            Yellow Lentil Soup   Turkish Lentil Soup Recipe Turkish cuisine is full of delicious, healing and many different soups that will warm you up on cold winter days. Legume soups, vegetable soups, floury soups and yoghurt soups are made almost every day in different regions of Anatolia. If you are curious about Turkish soups, there are many different authentic soup options that you must try. Tarhana soup is the most well-known soup in Anatolian cuisine. If you like the taste of yogurt, you can try yogurt soup that you can prepare at home in a very short time. Yayla soup is prepared with dry mint and served with butter sauce can be a good alternative to yogurt soup lovers. In additon to yogurt soup, soups which are prepared with legumes can also be complementary to your dinner recipes. You can consume red lentil soup, yellow lentil soup or delicious ezogelin soup which is made by adding rice and dried mint to lentil

Pişi Turkish Fried Bread Recipe without Yeast

                                                                             Fried Bread Recipe   What are the Most Well Known Turkish Pastry Recipes? Children, young and old, without exception, almost every Turkish person loves pastries. Anatolian people can't say no to pastry whether it's for breakfast, lunch, tea or dinner. There are both pastry recipes with yeast and no yeast pastry recipes in Turkish cuisine. The most well known and preferred pastries are manti, borek with minced meat or cheese, lahmacun and pide recipes. Manti is a pastry recipe which is nearly the same with ravioli recipe of Italian cuisine. After the dough pieces that are filled with minced meat, are boiled in water, yogurt with garlic is poured on them. Finally, a sauce with dry mint and red pepper powder, which is fried with butter, is poured on the yogurt. Among the most well-knownTurkish ravioli recipes are hingel, Bosnian manti, Tatar manti and Kayseri manti. Boreks can be made with minced meat or

Kapuska Simple Spicy Cabbage Recipe with Ground Beef

                                                                              Kapuska Recipe         We are together again with a wonderful meat and vegetable dish among winter recipes! The kapuska recipe which is a very healthy recipe that comes out with the perfect harmony of ground beef and cabbage, will cheer up your kitchens. During the winter months, many vegetable dishes are prepared in Turkish cuisine, either with olive oil or by using cubed meat or adding minced meat. Leek, cauliflower, celery and cabbage form the most important vegetables of Anatolian cuisine in winter vegetable recipes. During the winter months, leeks in olive oil dish which is made with carrots and leeks are served on many Turkish tables and celery dish in olive oil is made with carrots, potatoes or yams as well. Cauliflower dishes are often made with ground beef. When it comes to cabbage, perhaps the most prominent winter recipe is undoubtly Kapuska! How to Make Cabbage? It is possible to cook many diffe