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How to Make Ornamental Chilli Pepper Pickles ?

Simple Delicious Spinach and Eggs Recipe

                                                                             Spinach and Eggs Recipe   What are the Ways to Cook Spinach ? There are many people who love and dislike spinach. Perhaps the most loved one is Popeye,      which we saw from the cartoons that we watched in our childhood. However, it should not even be a matter of debate whether the dishes made with spinach are actually liked or not, thanks to the nutritious elements in it. In this spinach recipe, I prepared a healthy recipe that even someone who does not like spinach would want to enter the kitchen. When you are looking for a meatless and healthy meal, this recipe will be your assistant, especially in winter, to be prepared with fresh spinach. In addition to snack recipes such as spinach cake, spinach pie, spinach pancake, spinach soup or spinach with ground meat or rice are just a few of the hearty spinach recipes. For those who say what can I do with spinach,  I am sharing my recipe for spinach, which is pe

Turkish Style Buttery Pilaf Recipe with White Baldo Rice

                                                                               White Rice Recipe   What To Eat with White Rice Simple ? Rice pilaf is considered among the indispensable tastes of Turkish cuisine which has become an integral part of dinner tables almost all around world.  I'm sure many of you have thought about what dishes I can serve while preparing pilaf, which is your favorite food. It is possible to find delicious alternatives on my blog for those who wonder what to make with rice. I hope you will be able to please your loved ones and guests and set up an unforgettable table that they will always tell. Legumes dishes form a harmonious couple with rice recipe. You can also establish the same flavor relationship between dried beans with rice and chickpeas with rice, also by serving the dried black eyed pea recipe and cranberry beans recipe  which are on my blog with the rice you have prepared. Meat dishes are also important for preparing harmonious tables with ric

Buttery Semolina Halva Recipe with Pine Nuts and Cinnamon

                                                                                   Semolina Halva Recipe   I guess I wouldn't be exaggerating if I say that semolina halva is among the most researched dessert recipes in terms of delicious recipes by the people who work or the housewives who do not have much time to prepare desserts between busy household chores. I am here again with a delicious semolina dessert recipe that will be the quickest solution to your sweet cravings. If you want the dessert to be very easy and have less calories than other desserts in terms of health, my semolina halva recipe is a candidate to be the recipe you are looking for! All the ingredients and the preparation of semolina helva take their place in the details of my dessert recipe with its sprinkling appearance, buttery taste and wonderful smell, delicious aroma of pine nuts. I tried to present the most important tips of my halvah recipe, which I explained step by step, which will answer the question

Sardine Mediterranean Fish Stew Recipe with Parsley

                                                                                       Sardine Recipe   If you say that if my father came out of the sea, I would eat him, let this fish recipe come for you! There are many delicious fish, from small to large, in various seas of the world. However, when it comes to cooking  fish, some mastery and knowledge come to mind. Since fish is a perishable food, choosing fresh fish and storing it in suitable conditions has a great importance for health. If you have a fresh fish, how should I cook this time? and how to cook correctly and healthily? questions comes to mind. Fish cooking techniques vary from fish to fish. I will share the answers to all these questions with you in my blog posts. If you want, let's step into the world of fish recipes with our delicious and healthy recipe, the first of our sardine recipes. Happy reading to you all! What is Sardine? Sardine is a fish species of anchovy, whose canning and salting are made a lot, the u

Pogaca Savory Pastry with Curd Cheese and Parsley

                                                                                  Pogaca Recipe   What Does Yeast Do ? I guess I wouldn't be exaggerating if I said yeast is indispensable in pastry recipes. Yeast is actually a miraculous micro-organism that allows the dough to rise. Both fresh and dry yeast are used especially in bread varieties that we consume daily, in many grain foods and in pastry dishes. However, using yeast alone may not be enough to prepare a delicious pastry recipe. When you prepare your pastry recipe, it has a great importance that the ingredients that you will use should be at room temperature, the flour should be sifted, the dough should be kneaded until it gets a smooth consistency, and the cloth you cover over the dough must be moistened for a correct fermentation. Is It Possible to Make Pastry Without Yeast ? If you say that you can not prepare a delicious pastry without using yeast, it is clear that you are wrong. If you have some baking powder or bak