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How to Make Ornamental Chilli Pepper Pickles ?

Pickled Green Tomatoes Recipe

Pickled Green Tomatoes   Hello to everyone! If you are one of those who loves to eat a fragrant tomato when the summer comes, our pickled tomato video is just for you. Because just as you can eat fresh tomatoes in summer, you can eat your tomatoes as pickles in winter with your dinner. If you haven't made pickles before and say it's time to learn how to make pickles, we suggest you start making your own pickles with the tomato pickle recipe, which is one of the easiest pickle recipes. After making this pickle, you can easily prepare pickled cucumbers, red onion pickles, carrot pickles or sauerkraut. Bon appetit to everyone who will make and eat our green tomato pickles recipe which is one of the easy pickle recipes. Serving                  :   2-4 People Preparation Time   :  15 Minutes Cooking Time        :   0 Minute Tomato Pickle Ingredients Some Fresh Green Tomatoes 3-4 Cloves of Garlic 1 Tablespoon of Rock Salt 1 Teaspoon of Granulated Sugar 1 Teaspoon of Lemon Salt 100 m

Red Cabbage Sauerkraut Recipe

Red Cabbage Sauerkraut   Hello everyone! Pickle recipes are one of the recipes that every food lover definitely tries to find them  out when the winter months come. Have you ever thought about what your favorite pickle is? It can be pickled cucumbers, cabbage pickles, carrot pickles, red onion pickles, tomato pickles or pepper pickles. Have you ever tried red cabbage pickles? The red cabbage health benefits are one of a good reasons to make and eat red sauerkraut. In addition, we are sure that you will love it when you taste the red cabbage sauerkraut. Bon appetit to everyone who will make and eat our jarred red cabbage recipe which is one of the easy pickle recipes. Serving                   : 2-4 People Preparation Time    : 30 Minutes Cooking Time          : 1 Minute Red Cabbage Pickles Ingredients 1 Red Cabbage 100 ml Vinegar 1 Tablespoon of Rock Salt 50 ml Lemon Juice Some Water How to Make Jarred Red Cabbage? Firstly wash the red cabbage well. Chop the red cabbage into four piece

How to Make Gherkins Pickles ?

  Pickled Cornichons Hello everyone! These days when winter makes itself felt, we are here with a very easy pickle recipe. Whether it's pickled cucumbers, sauerkraut or mixed pickles, many people love pickles. It should be mentioned that pickles have many health benefits. We often use pickled gherkins which is an indispensable accompaniment to dinners, while preparing hamburgers. If you want to prepare an easy and delicious pickle at home, our cucumber pickle recipe is for you. Bon appetit to everyone who will make and eat our easy gherkins pickles recipe! Serving                   :   2-4 People Preparation Time    :   15 Minutes Cooking Time         :    0 Minute Pickled Cornichons Ingredients Some Fresh Gherkins 1 Tablespoon of Rock Salt 1 Teaspoon of Lemon Salt 1 Teaspoon of Granulated Sugar 3-4 Cloves of Garlic Some Dried Chickpeas Some Boiling Water Preparation of Great Gherkins Pickles Recipe Wash fresh gherkins well with plenty of water. Pierce the washed gherkins with the

How to Cure Fresh Cracked Green Olives?

Green Olives   Hello everyone! If you are one of those who say that green olives are indispensable for breakfast, our recipe is just for you. If you are interested for making a brine at home instead of buying them from the market, you should definitely take a look at our recipe for preparing green olives in brine. Brine green olives or black olives are known to have many health benefits. That's why we recommend that you take advantage of both the benefits of green olives  and the taste that green olives will add to your meals, and not to miss the wonderful food in your kitchens. Bon appetit to anyone who will make our easy green olive brine recipe and eat their green olive brine! Serving                  : 2-4 People Preparation Time   : 20 Minutes Cooking Time        : 0 Minute Green Olive Brine Ingredients Fresh Green Olives (Fill the Five Liter Glass Jar) 4 Tablespoons of Rock Salt 1 Dessert Spoon of Lemon Salt Water How to Cure Green Olives? Crack the green olives one by one wh

Recipe For Menemen

Turkish Menemen   Serving                     :   2 People Preparation Time      :   5 Minutes Cooking Time           :   15 Minutes Menemen Turkish Food Ingredients 1 Middle Size Onion 4 Fresh Green Peppers 4 Middle Size Tomatoes 1 Egg 5 Tablespoons of Olive Oil Half Dessert spoon of Salt How to Make Menemen Food? Pour five tablespoons of olive oil into a deep pan. Add one chopped onion into the pan. Saute the chopped onions well. When the color of the chopped onions change, add four chopped green peppers. Saute the chopped green peppers until their colour changes as well. Then add four chopped tomatoes. Add half dessert spoon of salt. Add one egg. And separate the egg yolk with the white part. Spread the egg yolk carefully. Your Turkish menemen will be ready, when the egg is cooked. You can serve your menemen as hot with some bulgur pilaf and cacik or yogurt. Bon appetit. You may also want to take a look to our other easy recipes by clicking below ; Pişi-turkish-fried-bread-recipe-w

Easy Fresh Eggplant Recipe

Fresh Eggplant Dish   Some Easy Recipes with Aubergine Perhaps one of the most popular eggplant recipes is eggplant moussaka. It would not be wrong to say that eggplant moussaka is one step ahead of other eggplant recipes because it is both delicious and easy to prepare. So how is moussaka made? If you wish, let's move on to our easy moussaka recipe. To prepare eggplant moussaka, we peel four eggplants in a mottled way, cut them into rings, and keep them in salted water. Finely chop one onion and start frying it in a deep pan. While the onions are browning, add two or three chopped sweet green peppers to the pan. Then add two hundred and fifty grams of low-fat ground beef, a tablespoon of tomato paste, a teaspoon of cumin, a teaspoon of black pepper and a teaspoon of salt and continue cooking. Finely chop two tomatoes into cubes in a separate bowl. And add the tomatoes that you cut into cubes before to the mixture. When tomatoes are cooked, remove the moussaka mixture from the heat

Easy Stewed Okra Recipe

Fresh Okra Dish   Cooking Okra with Different Ways Do you know that there are different recipes that you can prepare with okra? Fried okra, okra dish and okra soup can be given as examples of different okra recipes. Since we will share a sour okra dish with you in this recipe, let's take a look at how to make a delicious okra soup first. To prepare an okra soup, let's start by cooking approximately two hundred and fifty grams of diced beef with some liquid oil. Add approximately one and a half liters of water to the roasted meat. Continue cooking until the meat is tender. Boil two hundred grams of fresh okra in a separate pot with some lemon juice and water. In the meantime, separate the water of the boiled meat in a separate place. In a separate pot, roast one chopped onion with vegetable oil. When the color of the onions changes, add a tablespoon of tomato paste. And continue to roast the onion and tomato paste. After roasting the tomato paste, add the boiled meat and continu

Easy Armenian Cucumber Pickles Recipe

Armenian Cucumber Pickles   What are the Armenian Cucumber Recipes? Armenian cucumber attracts the attention of many people with its similarity to both cucumber and zucchini. Although it is very similar to the cucumber, it is known that it is a fruit belonging to the cucurbit family. Armenian cucumber has a light green color. The shell of the armenian cucumber has vertical stripes. Armenian  cucumber is similar to cucumber in taste. Although armenian cucumber is known as a fruit that is usually pickled, there are also recipes that you can make with armenian cucumber. So how to make an easy armenian cucumber meal? If you want, let's move on to our recipe right away. First of all, thoroughly wash about half a kilogram of fine armenian cucumber. Cut off the ends of the armenian cucumbers. Then slice the armenian cucumbers not too wide. Chop one onion in a separate bowl. Roast the chopped onion in a little olive oil. After roasting, add half a kilo of chopped armenian cucumber, one cho