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How to Make Ornamental Chilli Pepper Pickles ?

How to Make Homemade Strawberry Jam ?

Strawberry Jam   What are the Strawberry Recipes? Strawberry, which fascinates everyone with its color and taste, can be said to be a must for some desserts. Besides, the health benefits of this wonderful summer fruit are countless. Strawberry is sometimes used as a delicious cheesecake ingredient, sometimes as in a nice strawberry parfait. And sometimes it is consumed plain with just a little bit of powdered sugar. So, which desserts can we make with strawberries which is different from the flavors that we have mentioned? If you want, let's look for an answer to our question together. Perhaps one of the most delicious strawberry dessert recipes is strawberry tart. Contrary to popular belief, strawberry tart is very easy to make. We start by melting approximately two hundred and fifty grams of margarine, which we will use in the tart, in a deep bowl. Then we add two glasses of milk and three tablespoons of granulated sugar and then mix it well with the help of a mixer. In the meant

Cooking Zucchini Recipe with Fresh Mint

Zucchini Dish with Fresh Mint   What are the Easy Zucchini Recipes? The number of people who want to enjoy the zucchini to the fullest while living the summer months is not small at all. Unfortunately; we can not find zucchini, which cheers our palate with many different cooking techniques, from stew to stuffing and even frying, during the winter months. If you are looking for a delicious and crunchy recipe among zucchini dishes, fried zucchini may be an ideal dinner recipe for you. Or, if you have guests for dinner and you want to put a heavier meal on the dinner table, you can prepare a delicious stuffed zucchini that is prepared with or without minced meat. Delicious zucchini dishes with olive oil can be prepared for people who are on a diet. If you want, let's look for the answer to the question of what we can do with zucchini together. Maybe you have heard the name of mücver as a Turkish food. Mücver is a recipe that can be called a vegan zucchini meatball. Prepared zucchini m

Old Fashioned Apricot Jam Recipe

Apricot Jam   What to do with Apricots? Among the summer fruits, apricot is perhaps the favorite of many of us, both in taste and appearance. It takes a step forward when it is compared to other summer fruits because of having sour and sweet taste compared to other fruits. Did you know that you can prepare many recipes with apricots? That's why, in addition to eating apricots in summer, I recommend you to try it in your recipes and dessert recipes. There are many apricots recipes, especially starting with apricot jam. In addition to easy jams, you can easily use apricots in main dishes and healthy dessert recipes. You can prepare the Sachertorte dessert, which is the favorite cake of many people in Austria, using apricots. The specialty of this dessert is that it is a chocolate dessert prepared with chocolate sauce and the wonderful apricot sauce in the middle of the cake. If you want to try a simpler recipe, apricot cake may be an alternative for you. To prepare apricot cake, sepa

How to Make Turkish Tzatziki ?

Turkish Tzatziki   What is Tzatziki or Tsatsiki? Whether it is consumed with dinner recipes, with lunch recipes or alone as an appetizer, tzatziki is both a great accompaniment and a very delicious recipe with yogurt. It is one of the most famous Turkish cuisine recipes. Whem summer comes in Turkey, it is indispensable in every house with rice pilaf or bulgur pilaf or with any stew recipes. The name of the cacik is Tzatziki in Greece. Some people prepare cacik without water. When cacik is prepared without adding water, it should be considered as an appetizer. Whether it is prepared with or without water, if you add a couple of ice cubes to the cacik, it will cool very well and refresh you. However, this time, we will present cacik to you as an accompaniment to stew dishes or meatball recipes. You can also think of tzatziki as a diet recipe and add it to your diet lists as a snack. You can prepare this wonderful dinner accompaniment in minutes. First of all, the peeled cucumbers are fin

How to Store Black Olives at Home ?

Preserving Black Olives   What are Olives Recipes? Whether it is black olives or green olives, many people love to start the day well by consuming olives for their breakfast. So, are olives consumed only for breakfast? Of course no. Recipes with olives are also among the indispensable recipes for tea times. If you want, let's talk a little bit about different olive recipes. Perhaps the foremost among the easiest olive recipes is the black olive paste recipe. Applying this easy olive recipe at home does not take as much time as you might think. Therefore, instead of buying it from outside for yourself and your loved ones, you can easily prepare the wonderful and delicious olive paste at home. All you need for this recipe is black olives and a mini food chopper. In addition; lemon juice and pomegranate syrup, which we will use in our black olive paste recipe, will bring its sour taste to the fore. The garlic we will use will make the black olive paste much more delicious. If you are