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How to Make Ornamental Chilli Pepper Pickles ?

Homemade Red Plum Jam Recipe

Red Plum Jam   What are Plum Recipes? If you only eat sour plums in spring or summer, be sure that you can't show this delicious fruit enough importance. We have prepared a great article just for you in order to give the plum fruits its full value. So what is plum? Plum, which is a hard and delicious fruit, has many color varieties. Plums can be eaten as sweet or sour, and their color can be red, purple or yellow. It is possible to prepare many wonderful recipes with the colorful varieties of plums. Whether it is red plum or damson, you will be very surprised when you learn these different plum recipes. First of all, perhaps the easiest plum recipe is prune juice. If you want to both cool down and cheer up your palate with a delicious iced drink on hot summer days, ice-cold plum juice is just for you. The ingredients that you need are just one kilogram of red plums, two liters of water, one tablespoon of lemon juice and one and a half cups of granulated sugar. To prepare this delic

Turkish Yogurt Soup with Dried Mint Leaves and White Rice

  Yogurt Soup with Dried Mint What are the Vegetable Soup Recipes in Turkish Cuisine? Vegetable soups have a very important place in Turkish cuisine. Since the Ottoman cuisine, delicious soups have been indispensable for many people besides dinner. So what are the different soups that are served alongside Turkish dishes? Let's start with a different vegetable soup recipe if you want. Our first soup recipe that we want to share is a potato soup which is prepared with a different interpretation. Have you ever tried potato soup with dried basil? You should definitely try it, believe me, you won't regret it. It is very easy to prepare this soup. To prepare potato soup with basil, you must first melt some butter with the oil and saute the chopped onion and garlic in oil. Then add your chopped potatoes, add enough water to boil the potatoes in the pot, and boil the vegetables well. After this point, puree the boiled vegetables with the help of a hand blender. In the meantime, add two

Healthy Artichoke Dish with Olive Oil and Fresh Dill

Artichoke Recipe   How to eat an Artichoke? Although the value is not given by some enough, artichoke has a different place among other vegetables due to both the health benefits of artichoke and its delicious taste. Since artichoke is only a spring vegetable, if you want a delicous and different dish that is made with fresh artichokes, you should act quickly. Because this wonderful vegetable will only be on the market stalls in the spring months. So how do you eat artichokes? As a different question, what dishes can I cook with artichokes? Let's take a look at different food alternatives that you can prepare with artichokes. How about mixing fresh broad beans with fresh artichokes? If you are looking for a healthy and different vegan recipe, artichoke with broad beans is just for you. To prepare your meal, first soak the cleaned artichoke bowls in lemon juice so that they do not turn black. Then peel the skins of the fresh broad beans and set the inner beans aside. Chop some onion

Delicious Black Mulberry Jam Recipe

  Black Mulberry Jam What are the Homemade Jam Recipes? In my childhood memories, when the weather warms up or in other words when the summer comes, different and delicious jams were made in our house by both my mother and grandmother. Everyone's favorite jam at home was different. My favorite was strawberry jam, my mother's cherry jam and my dad's favorite jam was apricot jam. Since my childhood, I have loved all kinds of strawberry, Whether it's strwaberry ice cream, strawberry pudding, or strawberry jam, I have always been a fan of anything that has strawberries in it. Although, it is thought that making strawberry jam is difficult, if you have a kilo of strawberries, eight hundred grams of granulated sugar, a teaspoon of lemon salt or a lemon, and finally a teaspoon of butter, you can easily prepare strawberry jam. So, what is the trick of preparing strawberry jam? First of all, the first trick of preparing strawberry jam is to choose small and fragrant strawberries