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Delicious Black Mulberry Jam Recipe


Black Mulberry Jam
Black Mulberry Jam

What are the Homemade Jam Recipes?

In my childhood memories, when the weather warms up or in other words when the summer comes, different and delicious jams were made in our house by both my mother and grandmother. Everyone's favorite jam at home was different. My favorite was strawberry jam, my mother's cherry jam and my dad's favorite jam was apricot jam. Since my childhood, I have loved all kinds of strawberry, Whether it's strwaberry ice cream, strawberry pudding, or strawberry jam, I have always been a fan of anything that has strawberries in it. Although, it is thought that making strawberry jam is difficult, if you have a kilo of strawberries, eight hundred grams of granulated sugar, a teaspoon of lemon salt or a lemon, and finally a teaspoon of butter, you can easily prepare strawberry jam. So, what is the trick of preparing strawberry jam? First of all, the first trick of preparing strawberry jam is to choose small and fragrant strawberries. Then, it is necessary to leave it overnight with sugar so that the strawberries release their juices. Then, when the cooking phase is started, it is necessary to remove the foam of the jam in order to prevent it from sugaring in the future. If you add some butter after the jam has started to boil, the jam will foam very little. So, how to make cherry jam? If you ask what is the most difficult part of making cherry jam, most people would probably say that removing the cherry pits is difficult. However, if you get some manual labor or a machine to remove the sees, it will not be difficult to prepare cherry jam. When you put the cherry jam that you prepared on your pancakes, after the taste you get, believe me, it will be worth your tiredness. Just like when preparing strawberry jam, you need to leave the cherries in granulated sugar overnight in order for the cherries to release their juices. Now it's time for my father's favorite jam, apricot jam. Apricots, which take their color with the contribution of the summer sun, are first removed from their seeds. Apricots, which are separated from their seeds, are kept in sugar overnight as in other jams. The next day, it is boiled until it thickens. Then transfer jams to the jars. If you want to make delicious jams at home, don't forget to follow us. Bon appetit to you all in advance.

Mulberry Benefits

It is known that black mulberry, which belongs to the mulberry family, is a fruit specific to the Asian continent. Black mulberry tree grows and matures more easily in sunny areas. It is known to be an easy fruit to grow. Black mulberry is a fruit which is rich in antioxidants. Due to this feature, it is known to have many benefits for human health. It is known that black mulberry is very rich in vitamins. It has all the vitamins of group A, B, and K. In additon, it is known that %9 of the content of black mulberry consist of protein. It is known to be a fruit that prevents bad cholesterol thanks to the potassium it contains. It is known that black mulberry is a heart and vascular friendly fruit due to its beneficial substances. It is known that black mulberry strengthens the immune system thanks to its vitamin C content.

Serving                  :  4-6 People

Preparation Time   : 480 Minutes

Cooking Time        : 35 Minutes

Black Mulberry Jam Ingredients

1 kg Black Mulberry

1 kg Granulated Sugar

1 Teaspoon of Butter

Juice of 1 Lemon

How to Make Black Mulberry Jam?

Firstly, we need one kilogram of black mulberry.

Wash the black mulberries well.

Then cut the stems of the black mulberries.

Put the black mulberries into a deep pot.

Add one kilogram of granulated sugar into this pot.

Leave black mulberries in granulated sugar, in a closed pot at room temperature for one night (at least eight hours) if possible to release their water.

Start cooking and add one teaspoon of butter.

Cook the black mulberries about thirty or thirty five minutes.

Remove the foam of the black mulberries with the help of a spoon.

Add juice of a one lemon.

If the consistency is not too runny, the black mulberry jam is ready.

Pour the black mulberry jam into the glass jars when it is hot.

Close the lid of the jars.

When the jam comes to room temperature, put the jams to the fridge.

Keep the black mulberry jam in the fridge.

When the black mulberry jam gets cold, it is ready to be consumed.

Bon appetit.

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