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Make Your Own Quince Jam Recipe at Home

Quince Jam Recipe
Quince Jam Recipe

A good jam recipe adds a different color to our breakfast tables in these days when the cold of the winter feels itself. As it is known, breakfast has a special importance among the daily meals as it is the most important meal of the day. According to the experts, after a balanced breakfast, a person meets almost a quarter of his daily energy needs. It is very important for children especially in the developmental age to have breakfast with nutritious foods. It has been observed that children who do not have breakfast , have a decrease in their school success, in their comprehension and in their concentration. In addition, parents will gain the energy which is necessary for their daily work after a well-made breakfast. Otherwise, as the brain will not generate enough energy, adult people experiences attention and perception problems during the day and their work efficiency decreases as well. A breakfast table with delicious breakfast foods such as a toast, pancake, crepe, peanut butter, cheese varieties, homemade butter, honey, hot milk, hot coffee, hot tea, olives must also include several kinds of homemade jam.

Consuming some jam for breakfast is very necessary for both taste and health, because jam gives us energy when mixed into the blood and because of the benefits of the fruit in it. Making jam, of course, varies according to the seasons. Instead of buying ready-made jams sold in the markets, making jam at home with fresh fruits according to the season is both more enjoyable and much more beneficial for health. During the summer season, it is possible to find fresh strawberries, blackberries, apricots, sour cherries, black mulberries and forest berries in various markets. Therefore, it is possible to make delicious blackberry jam, apricot jam, strawberry jam, cherry jam and black mulberry jam with some fresh fruit and sugar in the summer season. In winter; quinces, pomegranates, pears, mandarines, apples and oranges decorate the market shelves. You can try different winter jams such as quince jam, orange jam and mandarin jam which can be poured on a slice of bread, pancake or a crepe for breakfast; also you can use these different jams together with dessert recipes and they can be used in a delicious cookie recipe as well.    

While some people like a little more sour jam, some people likes to consume sweet jams more. Quince jam, which we talk about in this article, is not an overly sweet jam due to its taste. Of course, if the amount of the sugar used in the recipe is increased depending on the desire, it is possible to obtain a much sweeter jam. It is known that quince is a good source of vitamin C, helps digestion, gives a feeling of satiety and keeps warm in winter. For these reasons, if you find medium-sized, organic and juicy quinces that are not too hard, making quince jam will both add richness to your breakfast table and help you protect your health. If you say let's move on to the recipe, let's start our homemade jam recipe by giving the necessary tips to make quince jam. Bon appetit to everyone!


Tips For Making Quince Jam 

The hardness of the quinces you will use for making jam affects the flavor and cooking time of the jam. The jam cooking time of hard quinces will be longer. And after the jam is cooked, it will have a firmer texture. Therefore, it is important to choose softer quinces.

If you choose organic and juicy quinces, your quince jam will be more delicious.

If you are someone who does not like very sweet jams, you can reduce the amount of sugar you will use in your jam recipe. If you like sweet jam , you can increase the amount of sugar according to your desire.

Shocking is important in making jam. You have to do the shocking process using both boiling water and cold water.

In order not to burn the sugar in the jam, the heat of the stove and the taste of the jam must be constantly checked during cooking.

Quince seeds are like the hidden secret of quince jam. Because quince seeds give a gel-like consistency to jam when they get wet due to a substance they contain. Also, when you add quince seeds, you will have a darker and more nice jam.

The juice of lemon that you will use while making quince jam will not only make the consistency of the jam more intense, but also prevent the taste of the jam from being too sweet, making it more sour.

Finally, if you want to consume your jam for a long time, such as a year, without spoiling, you should store it in the refrigerator.

Serving                :  2 Medium Size Jars

Preparation Time : 30 Minutes

Cooking Time      :  85 Minutes

Quince Jam Ingredients

1 kg Soft Quince (Approximately 6 Medium Size Quince)

6 Cups (1200 ml) White Sugar (1 kg White Sugar)

Juice of 1 Lemon

3 Cups Hot Water (600 ml)

1 Cup Cold Water (200 ml)

How to make Quince Jam ?

To make quince jam, we first wash our quinces. For a more delicious jam, it is important to choose organic and juicy quinces.

Peel the quinces finely.

Carefully remove the seeds of the quince and put them in a separate bowl. We will use the seeds in the next steps to give consistency to the jam.

Chop the peeled quinces into small cubes.

Fill a deep bowl with water and put the chopped quinces in a bowl full of water so that they do not turn black.

Put the quinces in a pot and turn on the stove.

Add 1 cup (200 ml)  of cold water to the chopped quince in the pot.

Add 3 cups (600 ml) of boiling water for the shocking process.

Add the quince seeds that we put aside earlier to the pot.

Cook the quinces on normal heat for about 25 minutes untill they get soft. If your quinces are hard, remember that the cooking time will increase.

When the quinces become soft, add 6 cups of white sugar which are approximately 1200 ml.

Close the lid of the pot and cook on medium heat for about 30 minutes.

While the quinces continue to cook, add the juice of 1 lemon for a better jam consistency.

Cook the quinces again for 20-25 minutes.

When the quince jam is close to cooking, its color will darken.

You can understand if your jam is ready, by tasting the jam.

Before jarring your quince jam, be sure to remove the seeds of the quince from the jam with the help of a spoon.

Transfer your jam to clean glass jars and after it cools down to prevent spoilage, close it and put in the refrigerator.

Your delicious quince jam is ready.

Bon appetit.

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