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How to Make Ornamental Chilli Pepper Pickles ?

How to Make Dry Salt Cured Black Olives at Home ?

                                                                             Curing Black Olives   Seasonal Recipes in Turkish Cuisine Different seasonal recipes come to the fore in different seasons in Turkish cuisine. During the summer season, different delicious jams are made using fresh fruits. Strawberry jam, cherry jam and apricot jam are perhaps the most favorite jam recipes in Anatolia that are made in summertime. In additon, tomato paste and pepper paste are prepared from fresh and fragnant tomatoes or red capia peppers in summer to be used in Turkish recipes in winter. When I was a kid, all the women of the house would come together and work together to make all these seasonal meal preparations. Under the leadership of my grandmother, tomatoes or peppers were chopped and then salted into plastic barrels. Again, the freshest strawberries, freshest cherries or freshest apricots were used in jams. Then the fruits were boiled with sugar and jams were prepared and placed in jars.

Turkish Spicy Meaty Cauliflower Dish Recipe

                                                                      Cauliflower wtih Groundbeef                     How to Cook Cauliflower ? Maybe we are experiencing the coldest days of the year. On these cold days, you can easily apply and share with your loved ones many winter food recipes of Turkish cuisine. When you think of winter dishes, which Turkish dishes come to your mind? The first Turkish recipe that comes to my mind is; It is Turkish iç pilav (stuffed rice) with currants, cinnamon, pine nuts and chicken liver. In addition, delicious chestnut rice made with baked chestnuts is frequently consumed by Turkish families in winter. You can also consume soup recipes, which are indispensable for cold days, both to warm up and to increase your immunity. Among Turkish soups such as tripe soup, lentil soup and ezogelin soup are often consumed in winter. These soups keep us full by increasing our immunity in winter. After counting some of the dishes and soups consumed in winter in

Vegan Healthy Black Eyed Pea Recipe in Olive Oil

                                                                              Black Eyed Pea Recipe        Black eyed peas are a highly nutritious food. Dried black eyed pea belongs to the legume family. Thanks to its high nutritional value, such as chickpeas, beans, red lentils and broad beans which are its other close relatives, dried black eyed peas have a very important place for human health. In addition, undoubtedly, when the winter months come, the biggest savior of Turkish housewives is legumes. Since fresh legumes are consumed in summer, dried legumes come to the fore in winter. In Turkish cuisine, fresh black eyed pea dish and salad are prepared in summer. In winter, dried cowpea is cooked. Black eyed peas in olive oil, black eyed peas with vegetables, dried black eyed pea salad and black eyed pea soup are among the most well known Turkish black eyed pea recipes. Dried legumes are very suitable foods for people who are interested in healthy eating and who do not have time, bo

Spinach Main Dish Recipe with White Rice and Minced Meat

                                                                                  Spinach Recipe   Hello everyone! Today we have a classic Turkish spinach recipe for you. Spinach with rice and ground beef. Spinach vegetable is a very important food ingredient for Turkish cuisine in the winter months. Fresh spinach is frequently used in olive oil dishes, pastries, meat dishes, spinach salads and soups in Turkish kitchen. If you have fresh spinach at home; you can make a delicious spinach pie, a spinach dish with rice and olive oil for vegans or a winter soup with spinach.  In addition being a very useful vegetable, spinach is one of the most suitable foods to be consumed for people who are on a diet. It is known that 100 grams of raw spinach contains approximately 17 calories. There is one thing that must be known before preparing a spinach food. Spinach is a vegetable that should be eaten immediately after preparation. If the spinach is even kept in the refrigerator, its nutritional va

Fresh Cranberry Beans Recipe with Red Peppers and Carrots

                                                                                    Cranberry Beans Recipe                                                                              The place of legumes in healthy meals is indisputable. Chickpeas, beans, black eyed peas, red lentils, yellow lentils, broad beans, kidney beans are the most famous legumes and are frequently used in various dishes or soups in our kitchens. The situation is the same in Turkish cuisine. Rice with beans, which is perhaps the most popular dish in Turkish kitchen and even as a street food, is one of the most favorite dishes made with dried legumes. You can eat rice with beans almost anywhere, from artisan restaurants to peddlers on the street in Turkey. In this article, we are here with a bean recipe that is frequently consumed in Anatolian cuisine. This time, fresh shell beans are the leading part of our recipe. What is cranberry beans? Cranberry beans are one of the varieties of beans. The red stripes on it