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How to Make Ornamental Chilli Pepper Pickles ?

Homemade Pear Jam Recipe

Pear Jam   What are the Pear Recipes or Pear Desserts? Although the pear is not among the favorite fruits of many people, I think it should be the crown of the kitchen, both in terms of many health benefits and because it is a very delicious fruit. If you want to benefit from the health benefits of pear, you can try the pear recipes and diversify your dinner recipes. Let's talk about some easy and delicious pear recipes. First of all, if you want to make an easy pear dessert, you can try the pear cake recipe. So how to make a pear cake? To make a pear cake, first whisk three eggs and a glass of granulated sugar in a large bowl until the granulated sugar dissolves well. Then add half a glass of milk. Then add about two hundred grams of melted butter, which is left to cool at room temperature, into the mixture. Add a packet of baking powder, a packet of vanilla powder and two and a half cups of flour and whisk until the cake mixture is smooth. Finally, add one pear which is cut into

Easy Homemade Peach Jam Recipe

Peach Jam   What are the Healthy Peach Desserts? The peach, which makes a feast of taste in our kitchens with both its smell and taste during the summer months, has a very special place for all of us. How about getting to know the peach, which is one step ahead with its health benefits and is the subject of many different recipes? Although there are many different recipes which are made with peach, the two recipes that we will give you are different with their easy preparation. Since it is summer, the homemade peach ice cream recipe will be your savior if you are bored with other classic ice cream recipes. You can easily prepare our ice cream recipe that we will give you at home with very simple ingredients. We start our ice cream recipe by putting four glasses of milk in a saucepan and letting it boil over low heat for ten minutes. We cool the milk cream, which is formed as a result of boiling the milk, by putting it in the freezer section of the refrigerator. Add seventy five grams o