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How to Make Ornamental Chilli Pepper Pickles ?

Spring Rolls Recipe with Curd Cheese and Fresh Dill

Spring Rolls   What is Spring Roll? Since it is easily prepared in breakfast recipes, spring rolls are the savior of many people. The most commonly used ingredients for spring rolls, which can be prepared with different fillings, are curd cheese and chopped parsley. Spring rolls can be consumed both at tea times and for breakfast and it is also in demand as a starters recipe for dinner. So what's the secret to prepare a delicious spring roll? Of course, the biggest secret to prepare delicious spring rolls is to use fresh phyllo. On the other hand, you can put your fried spring rolls on paper towels to get rid of excess oil. In order to prevent the rolls from openning, you should apply water to the ends with a brush after wrapping them in triangular phyllo dough. If deep fat cooking in a pan is a bit heavy for you, you can also cook your spring rolls in the oven on greaseproof paper. Apart from the stuffing with curd cheese and parsley, you can use different stuffings with minced me

Vegan Stuffed Artichoke Recipe with Fresh Dills

Stuffed Artichokes   Cooking Artichokes Artichoke is a very healthy vegetable that decorates the market shelves when spring comes. So, what is artichoke that amazes everyone with its taste? Artichoke is a herbaceous plant that has purple flowers and belongs to the daisy family. When the hairy part of the artichoke emerges, the artichoke should be harvested. Because when the artichoke blooms, it cannot be consumed. Almost all recipes that are prepared with this wonderful vegetable are unique. If you want to taste this wonderful vegetable that can only be consumed in spring, we invite you to try our recipe. We have presented the stuffed artichokes to you in our recipe. So, are the recipes made with artichokes limited to this? Of course no. If you want, let's take a look at what other artichoke recipes you can prepare with artichokes. First of all, the artichoke recipe with olive oil which is one of the simplest artichoke recipes, will be your favorite because it is very simple and ta

Easy Homemade Halva Recipe From Wheat Flour

Wheat Flour Halva   Whats Halva? Halva is a type of dessert that is highly preferred in the Middle East and Turkey. There are three different types of halva that are most commonly made. These are halva tahini, semolina halva and flour halwa. While halva tahini is mostly made by industrial producers, semolina halva and flour halva are often made at home. Basically; semolina, milk, oil and sugar are required to make semolina halvah. While preparing semolina halva, molasses can be used instead of granulated sugar. The same is true for flour halva. Using molasses instead of sugar is important to obtain a healthier halva. Semolina halva is perhaps one of the most practical solutions to sweet cravings at home. Hot homemade semolina halwa, which is roasted very quickly especially if it is prepared with butter, makes your kitchen smell delicious. You can serve slowly roasted semolina halva with cream or vanilla ice cream or walnut ice cream. Preparing flour halva, one of the easiest dessert re

Shiny and Delicious Bulgur Pilaf Recipe

Bulgur Wheat Pilaf   What is Bulgur or Bulgur Wheat? When rice is mentioned, many people immediately think of rice pilaf. However, bulgur, which both adds color to the table and becomes much more delicious when used with various meats and vegetables, is now preferred more and more by many people who want to live healthy day by day. How about getting to know bulgur better, which adds flavor to the taste of every recipe and is an indispensable part of recipes due to its economical and satisfying properties? We are sure that when you get to know bulgur closely and learn so many benefits, you will expand the place you allocate for it in your kitchen. Bulgur is a food with high nutritional value in the grain group. Bulgur is a highly valuable and nutritious semi-ready food product, which is obtained by cleaning, boiling, drying the wheat, peeling the skin and grinding in different types of mills, and also by separating the grains, consisting of only water and wheat. Bulgur Wheat Benefits Bu

Celery Salad Recipe with Strained Yogurt and Walnuts

Celery Salad   What are the Raw Veggie Salads? A complete dinner table is unthinkable without a delicious salad. Salads have always enthralled us, as they are both very healthy and an indispensable accompaniment to meat dishes or vegetable dishes. When it comes to salad, almost everyone thinks of salads prepared with lettuce. However, besides salads that are prepared with lettuce or other greens, there are many different and easy salad recipes. For example, it is possible to make a wonderful salad with pomegranate and walnuts from spinach, which is a winter vegetable, and has healing properties  in the cold weather of the winter season. But if you prefer to make salads that is made with greens; a wonderful salad with Mediterranean greens, fresh mint and lemon juice will make you have a delicious feast with your meat dish. You can make a wonderful red beet salad with walnuts, parsley, garlic, olive oil and lemon juice, which you can't get enough of, and contains all the health bene

Tasty Buttery Mushroom Rice Pilaf Recipe

Mushroom Rice   How to Cook Mushroom? Mushrooms, which add color to pasta recipes with both its taste and appearance, and one of the indispensable ingredients of chicken dishes and meat dishes, can be both sauteed and consumed alone, or baked and eaten as a side dish alongside various meat dishes. Although it may seem easy to cook mushrooms, it is necessary to pay attention to some basic cooking problems, such as releasing water when it is overcooked and losing its structure, and remaining raw when undercooked. It is worth remembering that before you start cooking the mushrooms, the mushrooms should not be washed. First of all, mushrooms turn black when washed and their taste deteriorates. When mushrooms are washed, they collect their water and dirt. For these reasons, you can wipe the outside of the mushroom with a wet cloth or peel off the outer shell with a knife. You can cut the peeled mushrooms on a clean board. In addition, if you wait for a while after cutting the mushrooms, you

Buttery Delicious Chickpea Rice Pilaf Recipe

Chickpea Recipe   One of the indispensable recipes of our dinner tables is rice with chickpeas. This delicious pilaf recipe is very easy to make as well as filling. Rice with chickpeas is also seen as a street delicacy in pilaf carts at many points throughout Turkey. For those who love street flavors, it is served with chicken meat and pickles, and you can't get enough of it. We have included all the tricks that you need to apply our chickpea rice recipe right in our recipe. You can add chicken or red meat to the rice to increase the saturation. You can also increase the flavor of the rice by using meat broth and chicken broth. You will definitely want to serve this delicious recipe to your loved ones next to your main course. Bon appetit! How to cook Chickpeas?  Chickpea, which is perhaps the most used legume in pot dishes, can be prepared as plain as well as with chicken meat, red meat or even as a chickpea with tripe by adding tripe in it. Undoubtedly, bulgur pilaf or rice pilaf