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How to Make Ornamental Chilli Pepper Pickles ?

Homemade Clotted Cream Recipe with Fresh Cow Milk

  Clotted Cream with Honey What is Traditional Turkish Breakfast? For Turkish people, both preparing breakfast tables and having breakfast are separate pleasures. No matter where you are in the world, if you have tasted Turkish breakfast, no breakfast will be able to take its place again. A good breakfast should be very rich, vegetarian or vegan friendly, and should contain some alternatives for meat lovers. In Anatolia, a breakfast table is always prepared for one person or for the whole family. So how is classic Turkish breakfast prepared? If you're ready, here are the answers. The most indispensable element for Turkish breakfast is black tea which is drunk in a thin-waisted glass. Various cheeses from different regions, tomatoes or cucumbers that are sliced according to the season and sauced with olive oil, honey and cream are also indispensable for every breakfast table. Different jams with butter, black olives and green olives add different colors to breakfast tables. In Turki

Muhallebi Ottoman Milk Pudding Recipe

Milk Pudding   What are the Simple Dessert Recipes at Home? Among the Turkish people's favorite desserts, the winner is perhaps the kazandibi. It is known that kazandibi recipe is based on Ottoman cuisine. Although this dessert is usually made outside in Turkey, it is also very easy to prepare at home. As a result of burning the sugar at the bottom of the dessert, the name of this dessert as kazandibi took a special place among the dessert recipes in Ottoman cuisine. You can be sure that the people that you will serve this light dessert will love its wonderful taste. The ingredients in kazandibi dessert are like the ingredients in the pudding recipe. However, the difference is that the custard mixture is poured on the tray and the sugar which is sprinkled under the tray is caramelized. I recommend that you should save this dessert in your recipe book, which is an easy solution to solve your sweet cravings. Another traditional dessert that has come from Ottoman cuisine is keşkül. Ke

Easy Traditional Vegan Dry Bean Recipe

Dry Bean Recipe   How to Make Beans? Beans are a herbaceous plant belonging to the legume family. Beans are consumed both fresh and dried. Dry beans are among the foods that contain the most protein after meat. It is known that dry beans, which are very rich in vitamins and minerals, have many benefits for human health. Dry beans are one of the most popular dishes of Turkish cuisine. Dried beans recipe, which is one of the traditional dishes of Turkish cuisine, is also among the indispensable recipes of the artisan restaurants. Dried beans are loved so much, therefore they are cooked in many different styles. Whether it is prepared plain or with meat, or cooked in a pressure cooker or casserole, the result is always a delicious Turkish dish. Dried beans that go very well with rice pilaf or bulgur pilaf are in demand by many people for this reason. Let's come to the question of how to cook beans? Before the beans are cooked, they are soaked in warm water overnight. Boiled dried bean

Rice Pudding Recipe with Fresh Cow Milk and Coconut

Homemade Rice Pudding   What is Turkish Rice Pudding? Perhaps the easiest of dessert recipes, the most nutritious of milk desserts, of course, is the rice pudding recipe. When it is placed in clay pots and baked in the oven, it becomes baked rice pudding. This easy dessert that my mother has made since my childhood has a special place for me. Although it is very easy to make, of course, some tricks must be followed in order to make homemade rice pudding in its full consistency. Rice pudding is a light milk dessert which is made by combining milk, granulated sugar and rice. The ingredient that gives the color of rice pudding is milk. Rice pudding, which is known as unique to Turkish cuisine, is also frequently made in the world, especially in Arabian cuisine, Iranian cuisine, Indian cuisine and Asian cuisine. Rice pudding is loved by many people because it is a light dessert and relieves the stomach after meals. Rice pudding can be consumed after being shared into dessert bowls and cool

Vegan Stuffed Cabbage Rolls with White Baldo Rice

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls   What are the Sarma Recipes in Turkish cuisine? It is possible to see different sarma recipes all over the world. Like the inner filling of the sarma, the rolling ingredient which is used in rolling also differs from region to region. While chard rolls, which is one of the sarma recipes, is made with ground beef around Malatya, for example, it appears as a vegan recipe without minced meat in the Aegean region. Because of the sourness that the chard leaves add to the stuffing, the chard rolls are very favorite among Turkish dishes. Chard rolls can be prepared with bulgur only or as a mixture of both rice a nd bulgur. Another important flavor of Turkish cuisine is stuffed leaves. Stuffed leaves are made by boiling grape leaves and rolling them with rice stuffing, both with and without meat. In fact, it can be said that stuffed leaves are a bit challenging. However, when you eat the stuffed leaves, it will be worth it with its wonderful taste. Black cabbage rolls ar

Simplest Semolina Pudding Recipe with Coconut and Vanilla

                                                                                     Semolina Pudding Recipe   What are the Quick and Easy Desserts in Turkish Cuisine? Quick desserts which are made at home have always been the primary solution to the sweet cravings. Especially if the dessert that you are going to make is a healthy and light one, nothing can replace the peace of mind after eating the dessert. Here, I would like to talk a little bit about milk desserts in Turkish cuisine, which has a special place among easy desserts. Milk halva is perhaps one of the easiest and quickest desserts to prepare among Turkish dessert recipes. Especially if you make milk halva using mastic gum, one portion will never be enough. Milk halva is a famous milk dessert recipe special to Bursa province of Turkey. Although its appearance resembles baked rice pudding at first glance, it is unique in taste and very easy to make. Another easy milk dessert that is one of my favorite desserts is the kazand