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How to Make Ornamental Chilli Pepper Pickles ?

Buttery Semolina Halva Recipe with Pine Nuts and Cinnamon

Semolina Halva Recipe
Semolina Halva Recipe


I guess I wouldn't be exaggerating if I say that semolina halva is among the most researched dessert recipes in terms of delicious recipes by the people who work or the housewives who do not have much time to prepare desserts between busy household chores. I am here again with a delicious semolina dessert recipe that will be the quickest solution to your sweet cravings. If you want the dessert to be very easy and have less calories than other desserts in terms of health, my semolina halva recipe is a candidate to be the recipe you are looking for! All the ingredients and the preparation of semolina helva take their place in the details of my dessert recipe with its sprinkling appearance, buttery taste and wonderful smell, delicious aroma of pine nuts. I tried to present the most important tips of my halvah recipe, which I explained step by step, which will answer the question of how to make Turkish halva, to you, my esteemed readers. Do not forget to serve the easy semolina dessert with cream or ice cream, which can be made with or without milk, and prepared with semolina, which is roasted slowly over low heat, to your guests and your family. In advance, I wish all my friends a good reading!

What is Semolina?

Semolina is a food product that is known as coarse flour that we often prefer in our kitchens. Semolina, which is among the important ingredients of Turkish dishes, has a yellow color. It is often used in desserts, soups and other familiar dishes. Semolina is known as the raw material of pasta. So, what is semolina made of? if you want, let's have a brief information. To make semolina, you first need durum wheat. If you ask what is durum wheat, the wheat which is used to produce bulgur, pasta and semolina is called durum wheat. The latin language meaning of durum word is hard. The characteristic of durum wheat is that it is larger than other types of wheat, yellow in color and has a glassy structure. Having more yellow color of the durum wheat express the higher quality. In order to obtain semolina, durum wheat is first cleaned with the help of sieves and then turned into semolina flour.

Semolina Nutrition Facts and Semolina Benefits

Semolina is known for its satiating feature and high nutritional value. It can be said that durum wheat, from which semolina is made, is richer in terms of protein, vitamins and minerals when compared to other wheats. It is known that approximately 70-80 % of the calories in semolina come from carbohydrates. There are 360 kcal calories in 100 grams of semolina, and approximately 36 calories in one tablespoon of semolina. Among the main benefits of semolina are that it gives energy and regulates blood sugar.

Serving                  : 2-4 People

Preparation Time   : 10 Minutes

Cooking Time         : 30 Minutes

Halva Ingredients

1,5 Cups (300 ml) Semolina

1 Cup (200 ml) Sugar

100 ml Sunflower Oil

1 Tablespoon of Butter

1 Tablespoon of Pine Nuts

3 Cups of (600 ml) Milk

How to Make Halva with Semolina?    

To make semolina helva, first of all pour 100 ml sunflower oil in a deep pan.

And then add one tablespoon of butter into the pan.

Mix the butter until the butter melts completely.

But pay attention for not to burn the oil.

After melting, pour one and a half cup (300 ml) semolina into the pan.

Then add one tablespoon of pine nuts into the pan as well.

And begin to stir the ingredients continuously for not to burn the semolina.

Stirring continuously is the most important point of this dessert recipe.

If you do not stir continuously, your semolina may burn so that the taste of your dessert can be bad.

Keep stirring until the color of the semolina gets darker.

And then it is time to give the sugar of the dessert.

Add nearly one cup (200 ml) sugar into the pot.

Stir well again in order to mix all the ingredients.

Semolina must absorb all the sugar well.

After this stage, we start to give the milk of the recipe.

Start pouring first, second and third cups of milk (600 ml) gradually.

Do not forget to stir continuously.

As a result you have to pour totally three cups of milk (600 ml) gradually by stirring continuously.

After this stage let the semolina halva rest about 10 minutes outside before serving.

Serve the semolina halvah warm.

You can sprinkle some cinnamon powder or coconut powder optinally.

Your semolina dessert is ready.

Bon appetit.

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